We are pioneers in up-cycling existing materials such as steel shipping containers for use in home construction, providing exceptional structural stability and meaning your home could be ready in just 6 months, and at a significant discount to the cost of traditional builds.


Our unique eco-build process takes approx. 6 months, 30%-50% of the normal build time. Most of the work is done off-site and transported to your plot for installation, no matter the weather, saving you time and stress. Why wait any longer for your dream home?

SAVE Money

By recycling, upcycling and constructing off-site, our ECO-Build process saves you up to 30% on the costs of a traditional build. Our team of German architects and project managers are on hand 24//7 to ensure there is no compromise on quality or design.

SAVE The Planet

We are pioneers at re-purposing existing or unused materials. We recycle steel such as single-use shipping containers from around the world, saving approx. 8000kwh per 40 feet that would otherwise be used to melt it down. Let's all do our bit.

GERMAN Quality & Engineering

We are a family business of experienced German architects, always looking to exceed expectations. With the support and reach of one of Spain´s most respected real estate companies, we want to offer something unique….something truly astonishing!

Our ECO-Designs