Ideal for those clients wanting all the time and cost advantages of the eco-build process, but combined with a traditional concrete and/or steel base – an ideal combination especially on more challenging, sloping plots of land, creating some truly spectacular homes.

The BEST of BOTH Worlds

Using a combination of traditional structural engineering and building methodologies, together with recycled, steel shipping containers, this type of build is ideal for those clients still seeking to benefit from time and cost savings, but on plots that require more traditional groundwork and re-inforcement.

ENDLESS Design Options

In addition to our design examples below, we can offer truly bespoke solutions to provide a unique home of any size and any specification. The only limits are those of your imaginations! If you already own a plot of land and are looking for something special, simply contact us and let us work our magic.


Save time, save money and help to save the world around us. Our unique construction methods and our use of recycled and upcycled materials means you benefit in so many ways. After all, who wants to wait for 2 years for their perfect home?...and who doesn´t like saving money?!

GERMAN Quality & Engineering

We are a family business of experienced German architects, always looking to exceed expectations. With the support and reach of one of the Spain´s most respected real estate companies, we are launching our ASTONISHING Collection in order to offer something totally unique…..something truly astonishing!

Our HYBRID-Designs